We believe in creating unique works of printed art that captures personality and tells a story, while placing family first, developing our craft and educating others.

Who are we?  Jerry and Lori.  We have been together for over 23 years.  Jerry is former US Air Force and Air National Guard.  Lori is a former "military brat" whose Dad served in the US Air Force and Stepdad served in the US Army.  Both of us have traveled the world compliments of the US Air Force and would not trade those experiences for anything!  We have, between the two of us, lived in 3 countries and 8 states (and traveled to many, many more!).  Why does this matter?  Well, regardless of our physical location, we have learned to see the story being told by the buildings, hills, fields, mountains, streams, people and culture.We have both been around photography since we can remember.  Most of the artwork decorating our home are original pieces created by one or both of us.  

As we have grown together as a couple, so has our passion and pure love of the art of photography.  We love to capture moments in time.  We love to turn those moments in time into timeless pieces of art that can be passed on to future generations.  Photography is our medicine.  Photographic Art is our passion.We believe that memories should be captured and made timeless.  Your memories tell the story of who you are -- and those memories need to be preserved for future generations.

We also believe that entrepreneurs, professionals, actors & models must have a BEST FIRST IMPRESSION to ensure the success of their business.  Our training and expertise allow us to partner with these individuals and businesses to ensure they are able to show reliability, professionalism, and secure new clients.

Let us help tell your story, capture and preserve your memories and present you with a fantastic piece of artwork!


Lori Keefer

Co-Founder / Photographic Artist

Lori's energy and storytelling ability combined with her analytical way of thinking make her the perfect person to run the day to day operations of Keefer Photography.  She specializes in High School Seniors and Branding Sessions for the Entrepreneur.

Lori is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.  She is also passionate about teaching others about the importance of professional photography and making your best first impression.


Jerry Keefer

Co-Founder / Photographic Artist

Jerry has a unique and unmatched ability to harness light and use it to create the most awesome pieces of photographic art.  His specialty is his Custom Automotive work and commissioned Light Paintings

Jerry is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.  His work has been published in several international magazines.  Like Lori, he is passionate about educating others on how to create better photographs and become profitable in their photography career.