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Professional Headshot Sessions Tips and Tricks

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Corporate Headshots – Wardrobe Tips
Corporate headshots communicate your brand – they often contribute to the first impression you make on other professionals or potential clients. When you have these headshots taken, they need to look professional. After all, they will probably be used on advertising materials, a company website, and perhaps even your social media profiles. It is essential to choose a professional photographer with plenty of experience taking corporate headshots, ensuring you get the professional headshots you desire.
Of course, it’s not all up to your photographer. Your wardrobe choices will affect the quality of your headshots. If you are not sure what to wear to your headshot photography session, here are a few helpful wardrobe tips to remember.

Men: What Should You Wear?
One of the best wardrobe choices for men is a business suit. A business suit adds to the professional look of your headshot. For a timeless headshot that will look just as good a year from now, choose timeless colors for your suit, such as navy or grey.
For a more casual look, you can skip the blazer, wearing a crisp shirt and tie. This offers a friendly, casual look while keeping the headshot professional.
When choosing a tie, avoid ties with over-the-top patterns. A tie with a simple pattern will look best in your headshot.
Overall, consider choosing clothing that you would actually wear to work for the professional, on-the-job look you want from corporate headshots.

Women: What Should You Wear?
If you’re having a tough time deciding what to wear for your corporate headshots, once again it’s a good idea to consider the clothing you wear to work. Classic business suits are always a great choice for women. A blouse with pants or a skirt will also work.
Avoid trendy clothing. You don’t want to choose an outfit that is out of style in six months. Your headshots are a big investment, so you want them to have a classic look that continues to look professional a couple years from now. It’s also a good idea to choose fall or winter styles instead of summer clothing.
It’s usually best to choose something conservative for your photos, but this doesn’t mean you can’t let your unique sense of style shine through in your photos.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Clothing
When choosing the perfect clothing for your corporate headshots, both men and women will benefit from the following tips:
Avoid wearing clothing with complex patterns, such as checks or stripes. Choose solid colors if possible, since they have a timeless look.Avoid horizontal lines on clothing.Avoid multiple patterns on different articles of clothing.
Be sure to wear something that makes you feel confident.If you have a tough time deciding what to wear, bring a couple outfits with you to your photo shoot. Your headshot photographer can offer you advice.

How to Prepare for Professional Headshots
Whether you’re having actor headshots or corporate headshots taken, it’s important to be well prepared. A little preparation on your part can help you make sure your professional headshots look great. Keep the following tips and ideas in mind as you prepare.

Pay Attention to Your Hair
A great outfit isn’t enough – you also need to pay attention to your hair. If your hair looks bad, your headshots will all look bad. Since headshots are often used for a year or more, you don’t want to be stuck with headshots that show messy hair. It’s a good idea to wear your hair in the way you normally do. Just make sure it’s neat. You may even want to consider having a hairdresser do your hair for you to ensure it looks perfect.

Don’t Forget to Groom Your Nails
Unfortunately, many people forget to groom their nails, and in many headshots, the hands are visible. It’s important to have clean, well-manicured nails. If you’ll be wearing nail polish, make sure you use colors that will coordinate with your clothing. Some photos show your feet, so make sure your toenails are manicured if they’ll be showing in your portraits.

Should You Wear Glasses in Your Headshot?
If you regularly wear glasses, it’s a good idea to wear them for your photo shoot because you want to be recognizable. However, glare is always a problem when you’re having photographs taken with glasses. To eliminate reflections and glare, bring along a pair of empty frames. If you don’t have a pair, bring an eyeglass kit so the lenses can be removed from the glasses temporarily.

Tanning for Headshots
A little sun keeps you from looking washed out in your headshots. However, it’s easy to ruin your headshots if you overdo it in the sun. Sunburn causes hat lines, red cheeks, strap marks, peeling, and red noses. These problems are fixable, but touchups will cost you more. Women may want to skip the sun and simply use makeup to add a healthy glow.

Professional Headshots: Dos and Don’ts
Before your headshot session, it’s important to know a few dos and don’ts. Look over these helpful dos and don’ts to ensure that you’re prepared for the session.

DO wear dark clothing. Dark clothing pulls all the attention to your eyes and face.
DO take a couple changes of clothing. This allows you to experiment with contrasting colors.
DO tell the photographer what type of image you want to convey with your headshots. Consider your business, business culture, and the photos of others in your company before deciding on the image you want to convey.
DO ask your photographer about the background color and colors that will complement the background in advance.
DO make sure you brush your teeth right before the photo shoot.
DO ensure that you shave right before your shoot if you’re a man with a heavy beard.
DO relax and be yourself. 

DON’T wear white unless it’s under something else (i.e. white shirt under a blazer).
DON’T get a new haircut right before your headshot session. Get the haircut at least a week in advance.
DON’T wear distracting jewelry. It may look dated or it may distract from your face.
DON’T wear checks, herringbone, loud stripes, or short sleeve shirts.
DON’T wear turtlenecks. V-necks usually look better on most people.
DON’T apply too much makeup.
DON’T wear tight, ill-fitting clothing. It won’t look good and you won’t feel good.
DON’T forget to ask questions. You can always call your photographer before your session to ask any questions you have. Remember, it’s always better to have your questions asked in advance to ensure you have the best shoot possible.

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